Scoping Rates DigitalCAT

Current through December 31, 2022



Rate Types



Rate/page full audio Rate/page videotaped
Extended 7+ days $1.35/page $1.45/page
Standard 5-6 days $1.50/page $1.60/page
Expedite 3-4 days $2.00/page $2.10/page
Rush 2 days $2.50/page $2.60/page
Same day/overnight 12-24 hours $2.75/page $2.85/page

*These rates are based on 25-line pages.  For pages with 26-28 lines, add 10 percent to the prices above.

Additional Charges

  • Drops/Untrans | $0.50/page added to above rates (description below)
  • File Growth | extra pages billed at double rate (description below)
  • Technical/Expert/Dense | $0.50/page added to above rates (description below)


Nearly every transcript has drops and a few untranslatables. However, transcripts with large amounts of them do require more time to scope.

I will review the file shortly after you send it to me, and if I determine that it appears to be quite “messy,” I will notify you of the higher rate and whether I have availability for the extra time the job will require.

File Growth

If the page count grows by more than 5 percent, the additional pages will be charged at a transcription rate of double the page count rate for that job.

This charge will not apply if the extra pages are due to paragraphing/formatting.

As always, I will notify you early in the scoping process if this appears to be happening.


At my discretion, $0.50 per page may be added to account for the extra time involved in scoping transcripts that are heavy with technical language (medical, legal, or expert witness) or that are exceptionally dense (such as arbitrations with margin-to-margin words and very little white space per page).  You will be notified as soon as I make this determination.

The technical charge may be waived if you have already verified all the technical terms.

Helpful Info


Meeting your deadlines is very important to me.   Please e-mail me to confirm that I’m available and able to accommodate your deadline before you send a new job.

Be sure to tell me what day and time (in your time zone) you need the file returned.  If no deadline is specified, I’ll assume you need standard 5-day turnaround.


First-time clients will be billed upon completion, and payment is due within 7 days.  This initial invoice needs to be paid before I can begin work on your next job.

For returning clients, invoices are sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month.  Payment is due within 14 days.

Making Payments

You’ll receive my invoices via QuickBooks.  You are welcome to pay with a credit card through QuickBooks or transfer funds via PayPal.

Late Fees

A 10 percent late fee, calculated from the invoice total, will be applied at the next billing cycle (15 days after the date of the initial invoice) and will compound every 30 days thereafter.