Useful Links

Adobe Reader is a program that reads PDF files.  To see my annotations on your document, you MUST have the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Click here to download it.

CutePDF Writer is a program that converts almost any type of file to a PDF file.  It’s easy to install and even easier to use!


Download CutePDF to your computer

1) Click the download link:

2) Click on “Free Download” and install the program by following the prompts.

3) If your computer prompts you to restart, go ahead and do so.


Use CutePDF to convert a file to PDF

1) In your stenography software, with a document open, go to Print.

2) When it prompts you to choose a printer, scroll or click the drop-down to locate CutePDF Writer and select it.

3) Click Print.

4) When prompted, choose where to save the file on your computer.

5) Email me the newly created PDF file just as you would any other file.